If you are unable to agree with this entire disclaimer you should not use the Qwids BETA service.

Qwids BETA is a service provided by Q3C Collaboration AB.

  1. Qwids BETA via www.qwids.biz provides a method for you (the brand) to request from the users (your chosen audience) the creation and distribution of content including images, video and text to be shared publicly via Social Networks.

  2. You (the brand) are able to ask the users (your chosen audience), anything that you think will help advance your brand identity.

  3. Q3C Collaboration AB takes no responsibility for the requests (campaigns) you (the brand) publishes using the Qwids BETA service.

  4. Q3C Collaboration AB takes no responsibility for the actions of the end user (your chosen audience) that creates, stores or shares their content under your instructions.

  5. The storing, sharing and creation of content for your brand by the users is the sole responsibility of the user, should you wish to take up legal action with the user, you shall do so independently of Q3C Collaboration AB. 

  6. By checking the checkbox you are agreeing to be bound by this disclaimer in a court of law.