Quid pro Quo! Give some, Get some

The qwids application propels your customer rewards program and marketing to whole new levels.

Don’t have a customer rewards program?

No worries, now anyone can do it. At a fraction of the cost. Instantly and securely reward customers that advance your brand and your information. It is a new way to crowdcource your marketing.

New possibilities for all

Qwids is a place where brands and consumers meet each other to work much more like partners, and act together in collaboration, to enhance, enrich and forward your brand identity and value offer.

At the same time, the customer gains new possibilities and the freedom to earn your reward tokens by doing missions they choose themselves. It’s up to you to make your missions attractive to the customer.
It is a whole new world actually, a multi dimensional and a lot less restrictive approach to promotional rewards, customer engagement and loyalty.

Exciting Times

If you are a brand, company or individual who loves it when customers talk about you, interact, enjoy and share your stuff, and you would like to to reach out and say:“Hey there! You’re awesome!” by pinging them some of your very own brand digital reward tokens...
Then qwids is for you. Just announce your missions to the public and you will realise the benefits almost immidiately.


Qwids is a secure platform on account of our unique way of registering digital reward token loyalty cards. When reward tokens are created and issued on the qwids platform, a private/public key cryptography method is employed to prove that the tokens are in circulation. You alone have complete control of your ”qwids”.

How it works

When your followers see a mission they like the sound of, they simply accept & perform the mission. Your branded points will be deposited into their qwids wallet directly after they have complete the mission. In the video below we see an example of how a mission could work for a clothing store. Please take a look.


Social network missions

As a brand you will post missions via social networks for your followers to complete. You decide all the criteria associated with the missions you publish, and can choose what your points will be worth in your rewards offerings. We currently support Instagram & Twitter for completing missions, you can notify followers of new missions via Facebook or other social channels, depending on where you publish missions.

Providing Feedback

When consumers provide feedback to a company or organisation, they are helping them make the services and products even better. We believe consumers would appreciate being rewarded for that valuable feedback. Feedback missions are not just about filling in forms, it can also be used for more in depth and challenging missions.


Many reward points systems in use today are closed off systems, brands decide what the rules of the points are. Qwids is the first service to put the consumer in charge of their own hard earned points. They collect them, spend them or trade them with friends, this way they can get the points they need right when they need them. And the brand gets a new completely organic form of tradable tokenized word of mouth advertising.