We are Qwids


The Qwids platform is a simple, but powerful, tokenised community building platform.  To Community managers we provide an interface for publishing mission based campaigns to social networks. Analytical insights into the progress of campaigns help your community develop. To your members, access is free of charge. With the Qwids App, members receive, trade, collect and spend their community reward points.

Get Started

Personal community

  • Turn your personal community into a marketing resource
  • Reward your followers when they share your content
  • Ask your followers to create in collaboration with you
  • Increase your message reach and grow organically

Companies and brands

  • Reduce time spent on marketing
  • Show appreciation automatically and instantly
  • Increase your message reach and grow organically
  • Create targeted offers connected to your business


  • Ignite and drive new organic reach
  • Develop your community into a real marketing resource
  • Acquire adspace straight from your own customers
  • Activate reciprocation in your customers
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